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Originally from the North East of England, Fraser was steeped in blues, folk and roots music from the get-go and brings a deep love of pure, traditional music to everything he plays.  

...actually, not quite true.


I grew up through the 70s, just missed the Beatles and the Stones and was just becoming aware of music when Bowie and the whole glam rock thing was taking off.  Then I discovered the Floyd, Free, Purple and Zep and, well, that was it for me for many years. Dyed in the wool rocker, me.


Later on, though, I got to realise that the bands I'd been listening to were themselves influenced by something much deeper than just the volume and the testosterone.  It was that thing that hits you not so much in your ears, or even between your eyes, but deep in your guts.  It's the way a phrase comes to you, or a note drops and bends, or a silence deafens you, in a way that says 'I've been here for ever, I'm in your DNA'.  It says 'I am you'.

So, not all true, but mostly.  My deep love of the pure and the traditional - especially the blues - is absolute.

As for the rest, well, feel free to ask...

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